Tariff Minutes Texts Data Network Monthly Cost
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB black
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB blackFREE24m contract Total cost £851.76Unlimited Texts500MinutesUnlimTexts500 MBDataEEEE £35.00/mth See DealEe
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB black
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB blackFREE24m contract Total cost £911.76Unlimited Texts3000MinutesUnlimTexts1000 MBDataEEEE £38.00/mth See DealEe
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB black
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB blackFREE24m contract Total cost £1031.76Unlimited Texts3000MinutesUnlimTexts8000 MBDataEEEE £43.00/mth See DealEe
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB black
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB blackFREE24m contract Total cost £1151.76Unlimited Texts3000MinutesUnlimTexts15000 MBDataEEEE £48.00/mth See DealEe
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB black
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB blackFREE24m contract Total cost £1271.76Unlimited Texts3000MinutesUnlimTexts25000 MBDataEEEE £53.00/mth See DealEe

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications


  • Screen Type
  • Screen Size
5.1 inch (13 cm)
  • Screen Resolution
1440 x 2560 pixels

  • Camera

    • Main Camera
    16 megapixels
    • Front Camera
    5 megapixels
    • Video Camera
    1080p Full HD

  • General

    • Operating System
    Android 5
    • Processor
    Octa Core 4x 2.1GHz + 4x 1.5GHz
    • RAM
    • Internal Memory
    • External Memory

  • Physical

    • Width
    70.5 mm
    • Height
    143.4 mm
    • Thickness
    6.8 mm
    • Talk Time
    Up to 17 hours
    • Standby Time
    Up to 16 days 6 hours

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Expert Reviews

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    • 9/10
    The real choice here is probably not between the S6 and the Edge, however, but the S6 the HTC One M9. Samsung's flagship no longer differentiates itself in terms of having a removable battery and expandable storage. The result is a powerful phone with top-class camera and screen that can finally compete when it comes to premium design.
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    • 9/10
    When I first saw the Galaxy S6 I was immediately impressed. It was like someone walked into the boardroom of Samsung HQ, picked up the S5 and tore it to pieces, before delivering a more grown up version based on the things consumers actually want. The metal and glass combination is easily the best thing the brand has ever created in the smartphone space...
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    • 10/10
    The Samsung Galaxy S6 may well be an expensive smartphone, but with such a terrific design, best-in-class camera, and beautiful display, we think it's the best smartphone on the market today...
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    • 8.8/10
    The Galaxy S6 features a parade of specs, each one more audacious than the last. There’s the IR blaster, the heart rate monitor that doubles as a shutter button for selfies, the support for not one but two wireless charging standards, the insanely fast new processor, the 16-megapixel optically stabilized camera, and even a super loud speaker. But it all culminates in the display — and what a culmination it is...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

    Samsung Galaxy S6: Design and Specs

    The Samsung flagship for 2015/16 is the Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung has really pulled out all the stops. At first glance Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like a quick re-design of the previous S5 model however the difference in material and precision manufacturing is quite apparent and cannot be overstated.

    Fantastic panes of Gorilla Glass 4 are on both the front and back of the device with smooth edges rolling nicely into an aluminium body. Even though it is not the most friendly devices to hold this premium mobile phone from Samsung commands its price tag with its fantastic build quality, we can no longer say Samsung produces mobile phones which feels like toys, they really have stepped up to produce something which feels premium.

    The build quality continues on to the display where you’ll see a high end quad HD screen 5.1 inches in size and incorporates all the bright visual qualities which we saw on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with fantastic colour reproduction and wide viewing angles. The great new display shows off new and improved version of Samsung Galaxy TouchWiz interface. Samsung has said that it has improved on the overall experience stripping back unnecessary features by up to 40% which we think is a step in the right direction.

    The new octa-core processor and 3GB of ram have no problems running this new interface and Samsung has done a great job in cleaning up some of the slowdowns in multi application use and app launching.

    Samsung Galaxy S6: Camera

    Taking a look at the camera Samsung have really stepped up. Double tap the home button at any time launches you into the camera application, in less than a second you will be able to take 16 megapixels photos that look fantastic in the daytime and hold up pretty well in low light situations thanks F1.9 lense and optical image stabilization. We have noticed the camera interface is easier to use for beginners with most of the setting now packed into one screen while still offering professional features for those photo enthusiasts out there.

    With all the new features and power in the new Samsung Galaxy S6 something had to give and yes you guessed it the battery life, it is usually around 14 hours however if you use the phone quite intensively that can drop to around 11 hours which might not be enough for some people. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S6 does support both versions of wireless charging enabling you to place the phone on your desk at work or on a table at home too quickly charger your device especially with a quick charge mode for fast battery top ups.

    All in all Samsung has really stepped up its game to compete with the competition in the market at the moment while also improving its software and camera features. We are really looking at one of the most complete smart phone packages from Samsung or any other manufacturer on the market today.

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