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LG G4 Specifications


Tariff Minutes Texts Data Network Monthly Cost
  • Screen Type
IPS Quantum
  • Screen Size
5.5 inch (14 cm)
  • Screen Resolution
1440 x 2560 pixels

  • Camera

    • Main Camera
    16 megapixels
    • Front Camera
    8 megapixels
    • Video Camera
    4k 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, HDR

  • General

    • Operating System
    Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
    • Processor
    1.8GHz 64-bit Hexa-Core
    • RAM
    • Internal Memory
    • External Memory
    Up to 128GB

  • Physical

    • Width
    76.1 mm
    • Thickness
    9.8 mm
    • Talk Time
    Up to 10 hours
    • Standby Time
    Up to 15 days 15 hours

    LG G4 Review

    The LG G4 deals are here for the full review continue on reading.

    At first glance the LG G4 looks similar to its predecessor the G3 with most of the buttons and ports in the same place; once again the volume keys are back mounted along with the power key.

    Most of the navigation buttons are on screen leaving the front side of the phone free. The LG G4 it just a little taller than the LG G3 but only 6 grams heavier and slightly more curved so it sits comfortably in the hand.

    LG G4 : Design / Screen

    LG has kept the removable cover giving access to removable the battery and micro SD slot which will make those heavy users happy. The new IPS quantum display on the LG G4 gives almost double the contrast its predecessor the LG G3. The 5.5 inch display produces great colour saturation with a good level of brightness giving great visibility both inside and outside.
    The LG G4 is steal housed and comes with a plastic back cover; however there are leather back cover options available which come in a choice of both smooth and rough leather with or without stitching in the middle. Colour options include black, brown and red which I’m sure will increase as time goes On. The original back plastic cover is textured to imitate metal resulting in what seems like a prism like finish which is something a little different than we are used to.

    lg g4 front2The large 5.5 inch of the LG G4 is made easier to hold and talk on by the curved body helping it fit well in the hand.
    Unlocking the new LG G4 is quite easy; just a double tap on the screen and the phone quickly lights up revealing a few application shortcuts. The user interface is colourful with a dual application mode enabling you to use two applications on screen at the same time, even in this mode we find the device very responsive however the range of compatible applications isn’t as wide as other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 etc.

    A new Feature called glance view allows you to see the time and notifications with a swipe of the finger even when the phone is locked which we find very useful.

    LG G4 : Specifications

    Built on the six core Snapdragon 808 processor with 3 gigabytes of RAM the phone is extremely responsive and very fast.
    LG G4 Camera

    In regards to battery life the LG G4 is very similar to the LG G3 with average battery performance however where the LG G4 really does shine is with the 16 megapixel camera which is easily one of the best around at the moment. LG has gone with the larger image sensor and a wider 16:9 field of view with improved image stabilisation but without doubt the greatest improvement is the 1.8 F aperture coupled with OIS meaning that the LG G4 can take fantastic photos even in low light. You can quickly open the camera with a double tap on the volume down button which is located on the rear of device. In regards to software the LG G4 has a full manual shooting mode which allows you to control white balance, ISO, shutter speed as well as the ability to shoot in raw format.

    Moving on to video capture the LG G4 can catch a full 4k videos as well as the now almost standard 1080p high definition videos which seems to be good quality however from time to time it does seem to over focus searching for the sharpest image.

    With the improved LG G4, LG looks in better shape than ever however this is a must considering the competition from such manufacturers as Apple, Samsung and Motorola.


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