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Apple iPhone 6s Specifications


Tariff Minutes Texts Data Network Monthly Cost
  • Screen Type
Apple Retina HD display with 3D Touch (LED-backlit IPS LCD)
  • Screen Size
4.7 inch (11.9 cm)
  • Screen Resolution
750 x 1334 pixels

  • Camera

    • Main Camera
    12 megapixels
    • Front Camera
    5 megapixels
    • Video Camera
    4K (3840 by 2160) at 30 fps, 1080p HD (30 fps or 60 fps)

  • General

    • Operating System
    Apple iOS 9
    • Processor
    • RAM
    • Internal Memory
    • External Memory

  • Physical

    • Width
    67.1 mm
    • Height
    138.3 mm
    • Thickness
    7.1 mm
    • Talk Time
    Up to 14 hours
    • Standby Time
    Up to 10 days

    Apple iPhone 6s Expert Reviews

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    • Impressed
    The chassis is stronger, the camera sharper, 4K video capture is present at last, and the performance noticeably quicker. The dimensions are ever so slightly thicker and if has a touch more weight, but WIRED could not tell the difference in day-to-day use and had to keep checking it was carrying the correct handset, the change is that subtle..
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    • 9/10
    The camera is impressive, and rather than focusing on packing in loads of new pixels, Apple has instead focused on improving the technology behind it to produce top-quality images. On our first impressions, we’re amazed at just how good the quality is, and especially how good it is at white balancing – even when compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 6....
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    Apple iPhone 6s Review

    The Apple iPhone has been around for quite a few years; its probably thee most famous smartphone ever and more than likely you have seen one or two knocking around.

    With each iteration of the iPhone there are been small an incremental changes in design, performance and functionality as Apple don’t seem to like the idea of playing around with what seems to be an extremely successful product.

    The question is …. In the mid cycle what is new and what has improved in the Apple iPhone 6S?

    iPhone 6s – Design

    From the outside your hardly going to notice the difference between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S but there are a few minor changes in the dimensions and materials used. The iPhone 6S has increased so very slightly in thickness from 6.9mm to 7.1mm and has added a 14 grams in weight.

    With the release of the previous iPhone the iPhone 6 there were concerns over the integrity of the Aluminium case bending under pressure which was eventually know as “Bend-gate”.

    Apple seemed to have addressed this issue by introducing an upgraded aluminium alloy called 7000 series Aluminium. There has been a number of tests performed on this new material and it significantly increases the phone strength and durability putting to bed any previous concerns.

    iPhone 6s – Screen / Display

    In regards to the display on the iPhone 6s, Apple have pretty much stuck with the same specifications as the previous iPhone… a 4.7 inch, 1334 x 750 IPS LCD with 326 PPI and 504 nits brightness however once again these is a physically unnoticeable but significant change witch is Apples new 3D touch.

    Keeping this very simple and on point Apple have placed micro sensors behind the screen detecting slight changes and variations in pressure when the user touches the display. This new hardware is use to control the 3D touch function enabling the preview of images, emails, application shortcuts etc. without the App having to fully launch. For example pressing a little harder than usually on an unopened email with give you a quick preview of the message or doing the same on one of the App icons will produce a list of shortcuts instead of opening the App. It has been compared to the right click on a PC but in the long run has infinity more possibilities in terms of application.

    iPhone 6s – Specifications & Performance

    Here is where we definitely do see an upgrade.

    One of the little things which all add up and make a difference is the fingerprint sensor now unlocks the phone twice and face as before so you can save an extra half a second of your day. Does sound much but it make accessing the device that little snapper.
    The Apple iPhone 6S is the fist iPhone ever to ship with 2GB of RAM and the benefits can be felt immediately increasing the speed of opening and returning to apps when multitasking which did suffer just a little with the previous 1GB on the iPhone 6.

    The custom built A8 processor has been upgraded with the new more powerful A9 chip giving the iPhone 6s a boost of 70% in performance and the GPU receives and even bigger boost of about 90%. Now considering that the iPhone 6 could handle any game of the App store it will be interesting to see what this GPU is capable of in the future.
    iphone-6s camera

    iPhone 6s – Camera

    With the camera we see an increase from 8mp to 12 mp on the rear and 1.5- 5mp on the front bringing even sharper images to the iPhone 6s. With this upgrade the Apple iPhone 6s now captures smooth and colourful 4k video with great detail. Of course Apple has stayed with the slightly larger pixel size to capture more light which help when trying to capture video or photo in slightly darker conditions.

    All in all the Apple iPhone 6s has delivered some great but subtle changes in both hardware and software to produced a fantastic all round device which is fast, well built and great for capturing video or photos. The Apple iPhone 6s can definitely keep up with the competition.

    Best Apple iPhone 6s 16GB gold Deals on contract


    Best Apple iPhone 6S on Vodafone

    Apple iPhone 6S 16GB Space Grey | £25 Upfront Cost | Vodafone | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 7GB Data - £31 per month

    Vodafone through the well established retailer E2Save are offering the latest Apple iPhone 6s (16GB) in space grey with unlimited minutes and text providing even the most hardened text enthusiasts time to breath. However the stand-out feature in the package is the large 7GB of data each month giving you the freedom to share photos with friends and family as well as browsing the internet without having to worry too much about your usage.

    The total cost of this deal including the handset over the period of 24 months is £769, working out at £31 per month + £25 one off fee.

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    Best Apple iPhone 6S on EE

    Apple iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold | FREE Handset | EE | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 5GB Data - £32.07 per month

    This is definitely one of the best deals you are going to find on EE for the Apple iPhone 6S 16GB model in the new rose gold. Unlimited text and unlimited minuets are included as part of the deal with the 5GB of 4G data. Normally this would come in at £37.49 per month but through the retailer Affordable Mobiles there is £130.00 cashback bringing the total cost down from £899.76 to £769.76 over 24 month and to £32.07 after cashback.

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    Best Apple iPhone 6S on O2

    Apple iPhone 6S 64GB Silver | £50 Upfront | O2 | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Texts | 3GB Data - £37.00 per month

    This deal on O2 is for the 64GB version of the Apple iPhone 6S. O2 isn't always the cheapest but they have some great perks like O2 priority which some people like to take advantage of. The tariff includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB of data which I think is about enough to cover average usage per month. The main highlight of this deal is the 64GB version of the Apple iPhone 6S with the small upfront cost of £50. The whole deal comes to a total of £976 over the 24 month period working out a £37.00 per month + £50 upfront for the handset.

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