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Run to feel? The great watch debate!

How often do you go running without a watch? Do you go out and just 'run to feel'? This is usually a topical debate amongst runners so here, we take a look at the great watch debate!

Behind the scenes - British Olympic Marathon Trials

Anji, who is our social media manager, was lucky enough to witness the British Olympic Marathon trials on Friday while reporting on behalf of Marathon Talk. Here, she gives us a 'behind the scenes' review.

British Olympic Marathon Trials

Kew Gardens in Richmond will be the venue for the British Olympic Marathon trials. The event, held this Friday, will see athletes competing over the 26.2m distance for selection to the Olympic Team GB.

Losing motivation … and getting it back!

A lot has happened over the last 12 months and naturally, some of us may have lost our running 'mojo'. In this article, we look at a few ways to help you get that motivation back.

Why rest is best and how to get it right

Resting is a key part of running. It's the time you get the most adaptation from training. How often do you rest? In this article, we speak to marathon runner Russell Bentley.

Team work

Elite and professional runners surround themselves with a team of experts. Here, we talk to Hayley Carruthers to find out more about her team and some advice on what we could do to look after ourselves.

mymo’s guide to trail shoes

Getting out on the trails can be a brilliant running experience and a perfect way to get stronger, explore new places and add some variety to your running. Here is our guide to buying trail shoes.

Running using heart rate and ‘VO2 Max’

What is VO2 max and why do runners use heart rate zones for their training? Here's an explanation to help you.

Saucony: a runner’s guide

Saucony is a popular shoe choice for many runners. Here, we have a quick run through their extensive range so you can see what might be the best shoe for you.

Why is mymo a better investment than free in-store gait assessments

Why buy a mymo when you can get a gait assessment done in store for free? This is a question we get asked a lot so hopefully, this article will answer your question.

Running in the Midpack – Q&A with the co-author

Running in the Midpack is a new book aimed at runners, well... in the midpack. Here, we caught up with co-author and mymo social media manager Anji Andrews to tell us more about the book she co-wrote with Martin Yelling.

Easy running

Last week, we looked at the tempo session so this week, we are going to slow it down and focus on easy runs and the importance of incorporating them into your weekly training. How easy is easy running? Let's find out!