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Useful tips and advice to help improve your running

Get your running winter ready

Winter is coming and it's time to get winter ready! With snow forecast for some parts of the UK this week, are you ready to embrace cold winter running?

Q&A with mymo founder Craig

mymo was created for runners, by runners. Here's a quick Q&A with our founder (and runner) Craig Downs.

ASICS: A runner’s guide

ASICS has a shoe for every runner. Here’s our gentle jog through the most well-known ASICS running shoes to help you choose which might be best for you.

British men making strides in endurance

Following our feature on female British endurance runners, here's our take on the men's. Who are the one's to watch and what shoe brands are they wearing?

Wearing in for a better workout

It's exciting buying a new pair of running shoes but it's a good idea to break them in gently. Here, we walk you through how and why wearing in can help you to work out.

It’s good to glow - run safe in the dark

With the dark nights already here and new lockdown measures starting today, here's a quick run down on making sure you stay safe while out running in the dark.

Strength and Conditioning

How much strength and conditioning work are you doing? Are you dedicated to building S&C into your training or do you just wing it? Here, Johnny Cullen outlines the benefits S&C can do to make you stronger.

Understanding New Balance’s Fresh Foam range

What’s the difference between the great range of New Balance running shoes, and which are best for you? Here’s our quick run through.

British female endurance is on the up

We've seen some awesome performances in British running, especially in the area of female endurance. Who are the top performers, who are the ones to watch, and most importantly what are their running shoes of choice?

Proud to be British

We are proud of the fact that mymo is 100% British-owned and made. We are committed to supporting local UK businesses and sustaining employment and we have received an accreditation to recognise this.

Strength and Core workout videos

As part of our added value services to mymo customers, we'll be delivering strength and core workout videos specifically for runners that you can follow at home.

Stick or twist?

Are you brand loyal? Do you stick with what you know works or do you change brands. Ken Harker shares his experience of changing shoes and could have ended up getting injured.