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Useful tips and advice to help improve your running

The tempo session

Probably one of the most important workout sessions for runners - the tempo session. So, what is it, how can it make you stronger and run faster?

Stay on track

Most new year's resolutions start to take a beating towards the middle of the month so we've put together some ideas and top tips of how best to make sure you keep your running and fitness resolutions on track.

HOKA: A runner’s guide

HOKA offers a range of road and trail shoes. Here, HOKA ambassador, GB international and Commonwealth Games finalist Jenny Nesbitt guides us through the HOKA shoe range.

Goals to go and get in 2021

With 2020 drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to refocus and start planning for 2021. Here, we look at some ways to plan a strong and happy new year of running and fitness.

Do I need support shoes?

One of the things we hear runners mention a lot is ‘needing support’ in their running shoes, so we have taken a look at who needs a support shoe, when it might not always be the best choice for everyone, and some of our favourite shoe recommendations.

Rocker shoes: what you need to know

We've had a few questions about rocker style running shoes so we've pulled this quick blog together to hopefully answer a few questions and what the benefits of running in them might be.

Going for the drop

Why do some runners choose to switch to ‘barefoot’ or minimalist running shoes and what should I consider if I am thinking of making the switch? Here, we give you some useful tips and advice.

Get your running winter ready

Winter is coming and it's time to get winter ready! With snow forecast for some parts of the UK this week, are you ready to embrace cold winter running?

Q&A with mymo founder Craig

mymo was created for runners, by runners. Here's a quick Q&A with our founder (and runner) Craig Downs.

ASICS: A runner’s guide

ASICS has a shoe for every runner. Here’s our gentle jog through the most well-known ASICS running shoes to help you choose which might be best for you.

British men making strides in endurance

Following our feature on female British endurance runners, here's our take on the men's. Who are the one's to watch and what shoe brands are they wearing?

Wearing in for a better workout

It's exciting buying a new pair of running shoes but it's a good idea to break them in gently. Here, we walk you through how and why wearing in can help you to work out.