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Proud to be British

We are proud of the fact that mymo is 100% British-owned and made. We are committed to supporting local UK businesses and sustaining employment and we have received an accreditation to recognise this.

Strength and Core workout videos

As part of our added value services to mymo customers, we'll be delivering strength and core workout videos specifically for runners that you can follow at home.

Stick or twist?

Are you brand loyal? Do you stick with what you know works or do you change brands. Ken Harker shares his experience of changing shoes and could have ended up getting injured.

All in your stride - why your running style matters

Everyone has their own unique running style but is it efficient? Are you getting niggles and injuries? Do you need to make subtle changes to improve efficiency and performance?

Meet Coach Ken

Ken Harker will help mymo customers to achieve their personal goals and can develop training plans for any running distance from 5K up to full marathon.

Female fit running shoes

How do women's running shoes differ? Are all running shoes available in male and female fit? What's the difference between men and women's shoes?

Nike racing shoes: a user’s guide

Confused with all the different Nike racing shoe models and what difference they make… here’s a quick guide to help you.

Injury assessment – Achilles Tendinopathy

Our sports therapist, Kev talks about Achilles tendinopathy and the treatment and exercises you can do to overcome this typical running injury.

Size matters!

Every brand is different – some shoes are true to size while others you need to go up half a size. This article provides some useful guidance on shoe sizing.

Foam technology that takes your running to the next level

Different brands have incorporated new foam technologies into their shoes and it’s confusing. Here, we highlight some of the foam technology the big brands are using.

The running shoe debate

Manufacturers are constantly bringing out new shoes with new technologies. We’ve highlighted some of the latest models to look out for.

New shoes on the block

Let’s take a look at some of the breakthrough brands that are coming to market that you may want to add to your wish list.