Choose the right running shoes.

With mymo, all you have to do is run, we'll do the rest

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Benefits of mymo.

  • More cost effective than a traditional gait assessment
  • Personal and less intrusive
  • For runners of all abilities
  • Access to all the latest running shoes
  • Impartial and independent
  • Gives you confidence in buying the correct type of shoe(s)
  • Wearing the correct type of shoes can reduce the risk of injury

Your Device

Your own personal device
ideal for runners of all abilities

Your Data

Access real-time data about your gait via smart technology (iOS and Android)

Your Style

Uses AI to guide you to choosing the correct type of running shoe

mymo vs Traditional Gait Assessment.

mymo Traditional Gait Assessment
Use as many times as you like Usually a one-off assessment
Use in the comfort of your own environment Go into shop or clinic
Use indoors and outdoors Usually run indoors on a treadmill
Run barefoot to provide the most natural measurement of your gait Run in neutral shoes (these will still give you an element of support)
Personal and less intrusive Someone watches you - may not be able to run naturally and relax
Real-time gait data - monitor your gait during injury or rehabilitation Need to book an appointment every time you want to do a gait test
You own and keep the data Clinic or practice hold the data
Consistent outputs as a result of using the system Different clinics may produce different results
Run as naturally as possible Different pace and settings whilst being watched
IoT device to measure gait. You do the gait test yourself. Personal assessment
Uses AI algorithm to match your running style to all the latest running shoes  
94.6% Accuracy of shoe recommendation  
Access to all the latest running shoes  
Gives you confidence in buying the correct type of running shoe  
Instant access to your gait data - yours to keep  
Access to all of your historical gait data  
Free mobile app supported on all major platforms (iOS/Android)  
Lots of value-added running and training content via mymo plus (see mymo plus section for more details)  

Technical specification

  • 40.5mm x W: 28.5mm x H: 13.1mm sensor device
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery
  • On/off switch with powered LED
  • Zero plastic packaging

mymo works with all your devices

With the mymo sensor, you can have a tailored gait experience on Android and iOS