mymo’s guide to trail shoes

Published 2nd March 2021 by mymo

Getting out on the trails can be a brilliant running experience and a perfect way to get stronger, explore new places and add some variety to your running. To get the most out of your off road running, you’re going to need to do it in the right shoes, and you have come to the right place! You don’t need to know your gait to buy trail shoes as they are all neutral fitting with specialist support for off road running, but there are some other things to consider.

What are the key things I need to look for?

Think about what your trail shoes have to do for you. Are you going to be running on soft trails? Rocks? Is it likely to be flooded? These are all considerations you will need to keep in mind. Trail shoes will offer a variety of features such as water proofing and higher levels of grip as well as special features such as gaiters to keep sand out. 

How do I know how well they grip?

You will notice the term ‘lug’ used in descriptions and reviews of trail shoes. Lugs are the grooves in the sole and again they will vary depending on what their intended use is. Some trail shoes will have wider lug depth offering better grip, while others will have multidirectional lugs said to support better climbing and descending on trails. Some trail shoes also have Vibram soles that are said to grip better in wet conditions. 

Why do they need to be so durable?

Durability in trail shoes is hugely important because they are likely to be a little more beaten up over time than your road shoes. You will see thicker soles and different materials in the upper of trail shoes so that they can withstand rocks, mud and tree roots as well as much more.

Why is lacing so important in trail shoes?

Firstly, it’s a comfort thing. You will see much made of lacing methods for trail shoes as well as special features such as padding in the tongue. Secondly, good lacing will make putting your trail shoes on and then removing them whilst wet and muddy and you will see some brands have one-pull lacing systems making them easy to put on and take off. 

What else might I find in trail shoes?

Almost all trail shoes will have an element of protection in the toe box - which also may be more roomy- and in the heel. They are there to protect your feet from rocks and tree roots in the same way more durable fabrics do. 

Will mymo let me search for trail shoes?

Yes. Due to a number of requests from customers, we have now uploaded a list of both men and women’s trail shoes. The database of trail shoes are not linked to your mymo gait test as they are all neutral and dependent on the trail that you intend to run on. Inside the mymo app, you can visit our trail shoe section under ‘See Products For Me’ and filter the database by price, terrain, brand, waterproof, fit i.e. standard or wide fitting, weight, heel drop, lacing system and colour. We’ll be constantly added new trail shoes to the database as and when they are released by the manufacturers.


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