Stick or twist?

Published 16th October 2020 by mymo

Here at mymo, we are completely independent and impartial and we don’t promote one brand over another – unlike most high street running stores where sales assistants are commission-driven to sell particular brands.

mymo coach, Ken Harker recently had a running shoe experience he’d like to share. He has worn a particular brand of shoe for the last few years. As runners, we sometimes alternate between brands and/or models depending on your run. So, you might have a pair if you are doing a tempo session or a pair for easy days, and a pair of racing flats etc.

Some, like Ken, find a brand of shoe that works and is brand loyal. You’ll progress through the models as and when new ones become available. But what if you decide to change?

After reading up on another popular shoe brand and speaking to other athletes to see what they were saying, he decided to buy a lightweight racing shoe with a carbon plate.

Excited when they arrived, he took them down to the track to try them on to get a feel for them. Have you ever been in that situation when you feel good and really buzzing and then all of a sudden, you stop for a moment and think, oh… this isn’t what I was expecting. Well, that was Ken’s initial reaction but thought, it’s because they are new, they need wearing in, they are different, I need to at least give them a try and get used to them.

He did a couple of laps of the track but just couldn’t get used to them at all. His feet started to hurt and he could feel his calf tightening so he stopped. He said: “I was really disappointed and didn’t find them comfortable at all. I was gutted. I had just paid £160 for them and now what? I thought to myself, maybe it’s just me, I’ll leave it today and try them on another day.

“That night my hips and glutes felt sore which was really strange because I’ve never felt that before. It had to be the shoes. I just couldn’t get on with them and it’s put me off wearing them again.”

Sound familiar? The warning signs were there and Ken is experienced enough to know when something doesn’t feel right. You’ve got to listen to what your body is telling you. It's all about feel and comfort and also having that feel-good factor feeling which he didn’t. How many of us would ignore the warning signs and carry on training until we got injured? We find this is a really common thing with runners.

In the end, Ken managed to return them and bought another pair of running shoes in the brand he was familiar with.

One of the added value services mymo customers receive is access to running forums where you can share advice and tips on shoes and other running related topics with runners who have a similar gait. At least then, you are speaking to other runners who are likely to wear the same shoes rather than wide-open forums where people with all different backgrounds and experiences (and probably different gaits) are recommending and giving advice on shoes.


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