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Published 14th January 2021 by mymo

Whether you’re new to running, you’ve been at it for a while, or you’ve taken a break and you’re on your way back, sometimes running motivation can take a bit of a nosedive in January. Now more than ever, some of us might be feeling enthusiasm starting to wane. Most new year’s resolutions start to take a beating towards the middle of the month, so we have put together some top tips and ideas of how best to make sure you keep your running resolutions going.

Keep routine, but allow for flex

Consistency is key to a great running routine. Running on set days and at set times is a mental tool that will keep you going on days you might not feel it. Having a regular time set aside that’s just yours to run is a brilliant way to escape some madness of home working and home school, as well as mental conditioning during your training. But don’t be afraid to flex. Things will (and do) happen that means you will miss runs or need to change your routine in an ever-changing world. Flex with the changes and get back on track: one run or week of missed runs doesn’t mean you have to give up.

Draw on the things you love

Are you a lover of fast running? Do you prefer a long easy slow run? What keeps you going when you feel like stopping? Whether it’s a fast workout, a slow trot listening to music or having a hot bath when you get back, draw on the things you love in your running and build them into a routine at least once a week. Self care is so important at the moment, and keeping routine of the things you most enjoy in running is a great self-payback. 

Go virtual if it’s your thing

Virtual racing and online community isn’t for everyone, but both can be motivational if you start to wobble off track. Signing up to something online gives you some accountability, structure and a link to the wider world during lockdown. Check out virtual races and mileage challenges, or set your own target for the next few weeks ahead, whether that’s to complete a number of runs or miles or to explore somewhere new. 

Go back to front

… not literally! We aren't suggesting you take up backwards running or wear your clothes inside out, but shaking up your running with some back to front methods often helps to motor some motivation. Try running your favourite route in reverse at least once a month, or swap around the days you usually do things. Most people do their longest run on a Sunday for example, if that’s you, try sticking it in the middle of the week and shift your pattern around. 

Journal it

Keeping notes about your running, motivation and how you feel can be a good way to stay on track. Spending five minutes after each run reflecting on how it made you feel can be useful to look back on to motivate yourself on days where you’re a little stuck. Step away from tech to do this, there’s a power in hand writing how you’re feeling. 

Look for ways to compliment your running

Immediately feeling stuck in a rut is often why running resolutions go stale, and while our options for running may be limited, it’s a good time to look for ways to compliment your running. mymo offers app users a brilliant range of additional content including Pilates (coming soon), strength and conditioning videos and support on injury prevention. All of this and more will make you a stronger runner and help you to break the boredom.


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