What to do with old running kit

Published 14th June 2021 by mymo

While running is a simple ‘free’ sport, many runners (including us!) love to spend money on running kit. Whether that’s trainers, tech, or clothing. We really don’t mind spending our hard-earned cash on our favourite pastime. Unfortunately, that can often mean we have overflowing boxes and cupboards of kit that we don’t know what to do with. Here are some ideas of how best to clear out your kit when it’s time to let go.

Look for a marketplace

Online marketplaces are booming and there are several Facebook groups dedicated to the buying and selling of running shoes and gear. This pathway lets you sell on and look for items that have little wear and may have been an impulse buy or something that just wasn’t the right fit. It’s a good place to find a bargain or pass on something that wasn’t right for you but may be someone’s dream item. Make sure you use Paypal and shop safely.

Get Re Running

Re Run is a great movement led by ultra-running legend Dan Lawson and his family. Re Run extends the life of running clothes to save them from landfill via the website https://rerunclothing.org/ Re Run reduces carbon footprint, household waste and probably a lot of home clutter! You can donate to, browse or buy from the Re Run website where all profits are donated back into the running community. It’s a great way to do your bit and find gems such as vintage running vests, finishers tees and discontinued trainers. Donate to help others find their perfect pair, too.

Recycle with Runners Need

Runners Need have paused this campaign for the time being but it’s worthwhile checking back for the next opening as it’s a great way to donate, recycle and get something back. The Recycle My Run movement lets you donate your old and unwanted running shoes, no matter what state they end up in, and receive £20 off a new pair at Runners Need. Many other shops and some websites have schemes like this so it’s worth asking in your local independent running store if they have a similar way to clear out your old kit. 

Use a shoe bank

Just as you would with any clothing or household waste, you can take your old running shoes along to your local refuse centre where you will find shoe banks and bins. Make sure the laces are tied together when you drop them off and they will be donated to local charity shops if they are usable, and materials will be recycled if they are not.


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