It’s good to glow - run safe in the dark

Published 5th November 2020 by mymo

Dark nights are here, dark mornings are on the way and with new lockdown measures starting today, unless you have a treadmill at home, you are going to be doing your running with some potential new challenges. Running in the dark isn’t for everyone, so here are some easy to follow tips and advice to keep you safe and make it fun.

Choose your route carefully

Routes you loved in the spring and summer will definitely have changed. Even if they are lit, you might have some added challenges in the shape of slippery leaves or muddy puddles. Use your daytime runs to check your paths for a later date and wear the correct footwear. It might be time to dig out your trail shoes for added grip!

Use lockdown to your advantage

For many working for home for a while, use the change in routine to run at different times. Give lunch running (runching?) a go, or head out earlier in the evening when you can take advantage of some extra Vitamin D. It will make you more productive and take the guess work out of badly lit routes.

Meet a friend

Meeting with one person outside of your household is allowed (and encouraged) for exercise during the November 2020 lockdown. Use this time to reconnect in person rather than behind a screen. Run easy, catch up and feel safer in a pair.

Tell someone where you are going

No need to splash it all over Facebook, just send a message to someone to say you’re heading for a run, where you plan to go and how long you expect to be. Peace of mind for both means you will need to let them know you’re back, too!

Lock your Strava

If you always do the same routes at similar times, it’s a good idea to add an extra layer of safety to your dark runs by making your activities on Strava private. You can make your activities private through the settings tab.

It’s good to glow

We don’t need to give you an excuse to buy new kit, but if you need one this is it. Look for great lightweight head torches, simple reflective bands or high visibility jackets and gilets. Most running stores will have sections dedicated to winter running (visit their online stores) that will give you great inspiration. Many running shoes now have reflective strips built into them too, so look for them when choosing your winter pair, too!


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