Meet Coach Ken

Published 9th October 2020 by mymo

Ken Harker has joined the mymo team to help our customers achieve your goals and PB’s!

Ken is a fully qualified senior coach and runs for Richmond & Zetland Harriers in Yorkshire. He has previously coached 5K British record holder Marc Scott who ran an incredible 13:20 in Barrowford in August.

Ken, a former GB masters athlete and twice world bronze medallist has an impressive PB time of 1:52.9 in the 800m, 31:20 10K and a 2:51.01 in the marathon.

As part of our market research with runners, we asked you to rank in order, what added-value services you would like mymo to provide.

There were various options to choose from including injury prevention and strengthening classes, virtual sports therapist offering professional advice, Pilates and yoga classes, nutritional advice and personalised training plans.

Those who responded felt they would benefit from one-to-one coaching and personalised training plans to help you achieve your PB’s, whether that is on the track or road, 5K up to marathon distance.

Ken will be available to mymo customers only and will work with you to find out your goals and put in place a structured training plan regardless of your ability and experience. Whether he is coaching his local Couch to 5K group or experienced athletes running sub 2:40 marathons, Ken will be able to advise.

This service is available at a premium and is in addition to standard mymo added value services. As you can imagine, the time it takes to work with each athlete and develop a tailored training plan takes time. This needs to be factored in and Ken will discuss this with you. You are under no obligation to take up this service – you said you would benefit from having access to a personal training coach and we wanted to deliver this and we believe, Ken is the right person to help athletes and mymo customers.

You don’t have to be local either, Ken coaches athletes all over the country. All we ask from you is commitment, time and honesty. Coaching only works if you are prepared to listen and be coached. Improvements take time and sometimes, things need tweaking or adjusting along the way – you have to be patient and believe in what your coach is telling and asking you to do.

Ken said: “I’m really looking for forward to working with mymo customers to help them achieve their goals and PB’s. I like to work with each athlete focusing on their own individual strengths and weaknesses. No two plans are the same, which is why things take time and precision. So, it’s important you believe in the coach, and not to start looking at what others do because what may suit one will not necessarily suit another.”

Look out for further announcements about the other added-value services you said you would like delivered.


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