Understanding New Balance’s Fresh Foam range

Published 26th October 2020 by mymo

New Balance have been in business for over a century, but they really started to hit the running market in the 1970s. The development of the Fresh Foam range from NB has made them an unmissable brand to runners looking for cushioned comfort in a dependable range of shoes.

Fresh Foam midsole has made its way into NB’s running and everyday ranges. You can read more about what makes the Fresh Foam material in our article here

But what’s the difference between the great range of New Balance running shoes, and which are best for you? Here’s our quick run through.

Fresh Foam 1080 (Neutral)

The most popular Fresh Foam neutral shoe now on its tenth version reportedly just keeps getting better. The 1080 is definitely a mileage shoe made for long runs but it has the comfort and light feel making it suitable for faster tempo work too. The great thing about the 1080 is not just the brilliant range of colours and fit but the amazing bounce and comfort well into its longer miles. 

Fresh Foam Tempo (Racer) 

The clue is in the name of this model and the Tempo offers structured support in a lighter-feel shoe than the 1080. The Tempo is suitable for faster runs and promises the same level of bounce and comfort whether you’re doing your workout on the track or treadmill. It has a lower price tag than the 1080 too making it a great choice for a shoe to wear in rotation or to save for workouts only.

Fresh Foam 860 (Support)

The 860 is on version 11 and like the 1080 has gone through a range of changes making it better every time. The 860 offers a range of styles and fits including extra wide, with the promise of cushioned comfort in a stable (supportive) shoe. The upper promises a custom-feel fit and reportedly feels great for long miles and easy runs with a lightweight feel. 

Fresh Foam 880 (Neutral)

The Fresh Foam technology in the midsole of this shoe gives it a great feeling of cushioned comfort but it’s the upper that makes it stand alone from the 1080. It’s a neutral running shoe for longer miles so many will love the lightweight-yet-secure Hypoknit mesh that adds precision comfort. The 880 comes in a range of colours and width.

Fresh Foam More (Neutral)

While the More looks like a chunkier shoe than some of the others in the Fresh Foam range, this is a lightweight shoe that offers a bouncy run for mileage as well as faster running. The More has two layers of cushioning including a layer of fresh foam that makes it a super-comfy option. Perhaps the only difference or drawback to this one is that it’s only available as a standard fit.

Fresh Foam Roav (Neutral)

Fresh Foam Roav offers an easy transition between running and everyday, meaning it’s a versatile shoe for running and the gym. The Roav is one of the cheaper Fresh Foam shoes available only in standard fit so not ideal for those with a wider foot or needing room for custom insoles. Fresh Foam Roav contains the Ultra-Heel technology to help your foot stay in place on the move. 

Fresh Foam Vongo (Support)

Look at Fresh Foam Vongo as the hybrid and the step between a neutral and stable shoe as it offers moderate stability. Without a traditional medial post usually used to create support in running shoes, the support is offered through the outsole, midsole and the heel. Vongo is a great option for runners looking for a cushioned moderate support shoe for longer miles and easy running. 


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