New shoes on the block

Published 28th September 2020 by mymo

Most runners will have a go-to, tried and trusted brand that they favour. Perhaps there are a few brands in rotation: one for longer runs, one for speed work, another for when you are out on the trails. 

The running boom combined with ever-changing and improving shoe technology means there are some breakthrough brands starting to pop through the classic list of brands we are all aware of.
Here are some new shoes on the block that may be worth a look.

Altra offer runners the ‘difference of three’ in foot shape, balanced cushioning and the offer of female specific fit. Many runners come to Altra on recommendation when needing a wider toe box for conditions such as Morton’s neuroma and they were previously known as a cult favourite among ultra runners. Altra have widened their range and appeal with a massive catalogue of shoes for the road and trail in a number of styles, and have widened their awareness of the brand through sponsorship of record breaking athletes like Kara Goucher and the Altra UTMB team.

While Sketchers have been around since 1992, they weren’t widely known as a performance footwear brand until Meb Keflezighi won the 2014 Boston Marathon in a pair. The thought that Meb if could do it in Sketchers, anyone could, was a huge drive in sales and development of Sketchers as a running shoe brand. Nike were left kicking themselves at letting Meb go in previous years, and Sketchers grew their running shoe division which included, of course, a celebration pair called The Meb.

Scott is easily recognisable as a cycling brand and to many, the addition of running shoes was welcome given their great reputation for style and quality in the sport community. While Scott Running is a trail shoe only at the moment, they have some amazing lightweight versions such as the RC Racer that give the fit and feel of a road shoe with the grip needed on the trail. Expect to see Scott continuing to develop their brand and collection as they make themselves unmissable on the trail racing scene

The newest shoe on the block for a while. Atreyu is starting to make itself known through some very careful influencer advertising on Instagram such as from English middle distance runner Colin McCourt who’s been spotted wearing (and tagging) their shoes. Atreyu are an American brand launched in February 2020 who have the added USP of being a subscription shoe service offering discount to ongoing commitment to the brand rather than courting one-off sales. Check out their eye catching and comfy looking range.


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