Why is mymo a better investment than free in-store gait assessments

Published 10th February 2021 by mymo

If you’re thinking of buying a new pair of running shoes, you’ll more than likely buy them online or in your local running store. We leave selling shoes to the stores and encourage you, wherever possible, to support local businesses. Running stores exist to sell shoes and other apparel, such as clothing and accessories.

To find out which shoes you need to buy, you need to understand your running gait. Traditionally, there was two ways to do this 1) get a free gait assessment in your local running store or 2) pay for a full biomechanical gait assessment with a physio.

With the UK currently in its third national lockdown, shops and practices are temporarily closed but the question is… why do you have to go and visit a store or clinic to have a gait assessment? Surely with the technology we have available to us these days, you can buy your own personal product that you can use as many times as you like… well… that’s where mymo comes in.

So, let’s start at the beginning… what is a gait assessment?

A gait assessment determines how you run, how and where your foot lands on the ground and highlight any areas of weakness in your biomechanics such as your knees or ankles.

How it’s done?

We’ve seen so many different ways in which a gait assessment is undertaken in store. We highlight them here:

- Some stores will ask you to take your socks and shoes off and watch you walk. How we walk and how we run is completely different.

- Some will ask you to run a treadmill while videoing you. They’ll slow the footage down and analyse how you run. Sometimes, you’ll run barefoot, while other shops will ask you to wear a pair of neutral shoes. Even wearing a pair of neutral shoes gives you an element of support so again, this is not really a true reflection of your gait.

- mymo is different, we encourage you to run outside in your own natural environment and run on a long smooth straight path or road. You are required to run for 50 seconds wearing the sensor on each foot and you do this barefoot to allow us to measure the most natural measurement of your gait. You wear the mymo sock over your existing running socks.

But, why should I pay for mymo when I can get it done for free in store?

Most running stores will offer a free one-off gait assessment but there are caveats to that and we have highlighted some of these below.

Experience and consistency

At the end of the day, sales assistants are there to sell you shoes. They are not necessarily qualified to give gait assessments. It’s done purely on experience. What one sales assistant sees may differ from another – because it’s based on their own knowledge and individual experiences. How one store analyses your gait is completely different to another store (as highlighted above).

Another example is (and we’ve even done this ourselves to prove the point), go into your local running store and speak to a sales assistant. Go through the whole sales process and see what shoes they recommend. Go in the next day and speak to a completely different sales assistant and see if they recommend the same shoe…

Mymo is digitally accurate and consistent. Our algorithm has been trained by experts who specialise in gait and biomechanics. It performs to 94.6% accuracy for shoe recommendation.

Relax and run naturally

When you’re running on a treadmill in a store being watched by sales assistants, do you run naturally? It’s a fact that our behavioural patterns change when we are being watched, we correct our posture and try to run how they want to see us run. It’s the same when your coach is watching you. At least with mymo, no one watches you as you run in your own habitual environment, just go out and run naturally so we can collect the most natural measurement of your gait.

Data is key!

When you have a gait assessment done in store, do they tell you what your left/right foot strike pattern is? Do they tell you your degree of pronation and contact time? Fast forward 6-12 months, can you remember what your gait was? Do you know what your gait was last year? With mymo, all your tests are stored in your personal profile and you can review all your historical gait data and tests. This is useful particularly if you are transitioning from say heel to mid-foot strike or if you have been out injured. Plus, we all love data right?!

Independent and impartial

Where you buy your shoes is entirely up to you, but at least you will have the reassurance and confidence that the shoes you do buy based on mymo’s recommendation is that they will be the right type of shoe for your running style (based on your last gait test).

Sales assistants will be incentivised to sell shoes. They may also be on commission from the manufacturers to promote and sell certain models. They are only going to sell you shoes they have in stock or end of line models so they can clear space for new shoes being released.

We are constantly updating our database of shoes as new models are released by the manufacturers. All leading brands and models are featured on our database and can select what type of shoes you need based on your search. No hard sell – we are not on commission and we are completely independent. Although stores claim to be independent and impartial, there is not one running store in the UK that offers ALL the brands.

Made in Britain

Something we are really proud of is that we are 100% British. All our suppliers and staff are based right here in the UK.

mymo is MORE than just a gait assessment!

Also built into the mymo app is a whole load of value-added content for runners just like you. You will find everything from physio-led strength & core sessions, weekly Pilates classes specifically for runners and access to injury prevention videos to help you get fitter, stronger and stay injury free for longer.

Here's what some of our customers said…

“mymo was simple to use and the test was quick. I like the fact I can repeat the test whenever I want.”

“I bought a pair of shoes based on the recommendations and they are great, thank you!”

“Excellent product and even better customer service. Test really easy to do and results even better when you are matched to a pair of trainers you already have!!”

“Have always worn neutral trainers after advice from a shop but suffered with knee issues off and on that I put down to poor technique. Used the mymo sensor which recommends a support trainer, my wife has been telling me that for years.”

“The mymo device was dead easy to set up on my phone and within 10 mins from opening the box, I’d done a full foot analysis and was surprised and pleased to see it had got me bang to rights, recommending shoes which I currently wear and own.”


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