mymo virtual Sports Therapist

Published 25th September 2020 by mymo

As part of our market research, we asked you to rank in order, what added-value services you would like Mymo to provide.

There were various options to choose from including injury prevention and strengthening classes, virtual sports therapist offering professional advice, Pilates and yoga classes, nutritional advice and personalised training classes.

The most popular response you told us you would like access to was a virtual therapist offering professional advice and guidance around injury prevention.

Kev is a fully qualified sports therapist and is registered with the Society of Sport Therapists. He is the owner of Stride Sports Clinic in Seaham, Sunderland providing consultation around sports injury and pain, focussing on dealing with injury, management and rehabilitation.
He is an experienced runner from the North East. He won the Vale of York half marathon in 2018. In the same year, he was crowned North East Masters over-35 cross country and 5,000m champion. Kev will provide virtual advice and assistance to Mymo customers.

This is an added value service for mymo customers only and in addition to your own personal gait analysis and running shoe recommendation product. More information will be announced soon. Kev will still continue to run his practice in Seaham.

Look out for further announcements about the other added-value services you said you would like delivered.


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