Losing motivation … and getting it back!

Published 15th March 2021 by mymo

Running motivation, sometimes known as ‘mojo’ can ebb and flow throughout your time as a runner, even for those who have done it for years. Throughout the last 12 months, many runners have reported that they have lost some mojo due to the cancellation of races, suspension of running clubs and groups, and changes to routine and home life. If you fall into this category, don’t fear. Here’s our guide to grabbing back your motivation to run.

Accept it

Try not to feel guilty for losing your mojo! Most runners will hit patches of low motivation and the more you run, you will begin to recognise the reasons for this happening. Some runners struggle to stay motivated during the winter, while others find their drive disappearing when they don’t have a goal race to focus their attention on. Whatever your reason for motivation taking a dip, accept it and try to understand why it’s happened.

Don’t beat yourself up

Every runner has enough external pressures in life so the last thing you should be doing is adding an extra layer of guilt because you don’t want to run. Give yourself time to back off for a while and don’t put any pressure on to get back out there.

Reroute your runs

Especially during the year of restrictions, you may have found yourself tiring of doing the same routes again and again. Consider changing a familiar route even by running it in the opposite direction - you will find changes in elevation that might give you a challenge or an easier ride! Rerouting can be good training for your brain that can give you a refresh.

Call on a buddy

While things have been restricted and you may have been unable to regularly run with your training partners or groups, there will be someone out there who would love to join you for a run. We’ve partnered with Jogging Buddy – the free web platform that helps runners, joggers and walkers to buddy-up to exercise and make new friends – check them out here. Reach out and plan an easy run where you can, catch up with a friend and release some happy hormones. Planning a run with someone else adds accountability and might just reset some sense of routine to your running.

Enter something

It looks like we might just get some larger events back by this summer so start putting a calendar together and work backwards to see when your running might benefit from a bit of structure. Until we are back into the swing of things, check out virtual racing and mileage challenges or create your own with a friend. Events can be a great way of lighting your mojo fire.

Get some new gear

Who doesn’t love a new piece of kit or pair of shoes? Or both! If you haven’t already, you could treat yourself to a mymo which will then guide you to buying the right running shoes (sorry, not sorry)! Even something as simple and inexpensive as a new pair of socks might leave you feeling ready to go for a test run. Go on… treat yourself! 


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