Moving to Marathon?

Published 20th April 2021 by mymo

Racing is back! After a long break for many of us, we are slowly getting the chance to get back to some level of competition or event ‘in real life’. We’ve written before about the best ways to choose a goal and stick to it and for many that includes trying something different.

For some runners there is a marathon on the horizon, but if you’ve never done a marathon before, how do you know it’s right for you and how do you make the decision? Here’s our top advice.

You do better if you have an investment

We don’t just mean entering the race, paying for it and putting it in your calendar. We mean real investment. Look at the marathon as something worthy of your dedication in the next few months. It’s great if you can raise money for a cause close to your heart, and it’s useful to get ‘backing’ that isn’t financial too, from friends, family and colleagues.

It’s going to take time

Be aware that training for a marathon takes time. For many people, especially first timers, the marathon journey will take around four months of dedicated training. If you don’t have the time to invest in it, you run the risk of falling short either by becoming injured or having less enjoyment in the process.

You will need to do more than just run

Of course, the miles are super important! You’re going to get up to running around 20-22 miles continuously for your long training runs towards the end of training, and getting there takes time and diligence. Just running won’t cut it for everyone. To avoid injury and burn out, make sure you are ready to spend some time building a strong body through cross training and strength work. It’s worth becoming robust!

You need to believe in it

Marathon running takes belief. There will be times you can’t imagine running that far in one go, and times where you might even feel a little burned out. Running a marathon takes self belief, and often building up to it by doing shorter events before you become a marathoner builds that belief. Look for suitable baby steps along the way.

Do what’s right for you!

This is the most important one! Marathons aren’t for everyone. You should never feel pressured into running a marathon if you don’t want to, to somehow validate the feeling of ‘being’ a runner. Running should first and foremost make you a happier person, and that definitely includes your race choices too.

Make sure you are running in the right shoes, whether that’s a marathon, less or further with mymo!


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