Let mymo find you the right shoes

Published 26th August 2020 by mymo

We see it time and time again on running forums, people posting questions asking for recommendations on what type of running shoes to buy. When you look at the replies and comments, the post gets inundated with different makes and models all to everybody’s personal preference.

It is/can be confusing with lots of different suggestions, which may be valid but how will you truly know if those are the right shoes for you?

Another classic example we see is when someone grabs a bargain in a shop or online. It’s a common error when one runner triggers questions like “where did you get those from?”, “how much were they?.” A week later, you can almost guarantee those enquiring will be wearing those exact same shoes. What works for one doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

It’s a bit like self-diagnosing an injury. You get injured so we search the internet for symptoms and most of the time you’ll get conflicting responses. Always seek professional medical advice because you shouldn’t just rely on what your friend says or does – we’re all different.

Using mymo determines what type of running shoe you should be wearing based on your latest test result. You can wear mymo at home, in the gym, at the park or on the track, basically anywhere you feel comfortable with. The device analyses your gait and then uses a bespoke artificial intelligence algorithm to convert the data to determine what type of running shoe you need to buy. You as the customer, then have the ability to filter a huge database of running shoes, which you can do by price, brand, model, colour, heel drop and weight.

After filtering the database, you can select the right running shoe for you and you can then buy those shoes with confidence.

So, you set the trend, you find the right shoes for you and then let your friends ask those questions… “where did you get those from?”, “how much were they?” but you know the answer don’t you… tell them to get a mymo!


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