Female fit running shoes

Published 7th October 2020 by mymo

You know that running shoes are highly personal and that’s why you’re here at mymo. We are working to remove the guesswork out of choosing running shoes and using AI to bring you your ideal running shoes while remaining completely impartial over which brands you choose. So let’s talk about female fit running shoes.

Here’s a quick guide on how they are different and why female runners should take note.

Weren’t all running shoes made equal?

Yes, in the past. Many running brands created a standard model of their shoe. This has changed in more recent times for lots of reasons.

Are all running shoes available in male and female fit?

Yes, most of them are. The exceptions are usually racing ‘flats’ and trail shoes, although many brands offer both.

Why should I get female fit shoes?

It’s not a sales gimmick. Getting the correct shoe is another way to reduce your risk of injury. The majority of running shoes are priced exactly the same whether you’re buying male or female fit, and often size guides are similar for male and female.

What is the difference?

The most notable point is that female fit shoes are often more narrow in the forefoot than their male counterpart. They are often also more narrow at the heel, reflecting the difference in gender foot shape generally. Female fit shoes often come in a different range of colours, but again this very much depends on the brand.

I have wide feet. Should I stick with men’s shoes?

Not necessarily. Most of the big brands offer wide fit shoes for women. Try going up half a size, getting a wider fit, or trying both.

My feet are big. I have to get men’s shoes!

Not always true. Many of the bigger brands offer larger sizes, but you may need to look online as some running stores may not store larger sizes. Hoka go up to a UK 9, while Nike go to UK 9.5 so do your research. If you do find you need a bigger size only available for men, speak to a podiatrist to see if a custom made orthotic might help to give you the perfect fit.

OK! So what do you recommend?

As always, mymo are completely impartial. Most big brands have female fit trainers available so shop around, try on a mixture of brands, styles and sizes and find your perfect running partner.


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