Q&A with mymo founder Craig

Published 30th November 2020 by mymo

mymo was created for runners, by runners. Everyone at mymo from our strength and conditioning coach, to our sports therapist, coach and even social media manager runs. The idea came from mymo founder Craig after he got injured.

If there’s one thing we want to prevent as runners, it’s a running injury.

This Q&A with founder (and runner!) Craig Downs gives you an insight into the brains behind mymo.

How long have you been a runner? 12 years (approx)

What’s your stand-out favourite running or race moment? I’d say finishing third overall in the Blackpool 10K.

Where are your top three places to run in the North East? Kielder, Newcastle Quayside and Durham.  

Would you rather run faster or run forever? Run faster

Hills or track reps? Track!

What was the true lightbulb moment for mymo? Using artificial intelligence to process the data and match people’s running styles to the shoes.

Didn’t you fancy taking this to Dragon’s Den and letting them do the work? I have already been approached by the research team but declined. Once I get an idea in my head, I want to run with it myself (pardon the pun!)

Is mymo your only project? No, I’ve been running my own PR and Communications agency for the last five years and I also have another idea up my sleeve!

What was the most exciting part of creating mymo? All of it! There are so many elements to it but to bring it all together into one final product and actually see it working was a key milestone.

And the most frustrating moment? How long have you got… it’s taken four years to get this product to market.

If you weren’t creating amazing things for runners, what would your dream job be? I’m already doing it with my PR agency. I love being self-employed.

Describe mymo in five words Personal, innovative, digital, independent, impartial


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