Buggy Running

Published 6th July 2021 by mymo

Buggy running is on the rise and many events also allow you to take part with a buggy.

So how can you get the most from running with your children in a buggy, and what does it take?

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Why buggy running is great

Buggy running has so many benefits! Running with your little one in a buggy allows you to multi task first and foremost as you combine time together with your running time. No need to tag team with a partner, friend, or family member to get your run for the day completed if you take your child with you! Buggy running also encourages you to run in a different way (we will come to that!) which may engage other running muscles, especially in your upper body and core.

Having a shared interest from when your child is small is priceless, as you can show them your love of running and keeping active outdoors. We are told from many buggy runners that as well as being a super bonding experience that gets children interested in running and in their surroundings, can act as a helpful aid to their boredom and aid sleep!

How should I do it?

It might take practice so build up to longer runs and give yourself time. The top tips for buggy running are to learn not to lean into the bars which can be very tempting when going uphill! Efficient buggy running is helped by running with just one arm on the buggy and using the other to propel yourself forward. Having a slight bend at the waist and staying close to the buggy can also definitely help. Practice your most comfortable running on even ground first before you take on any trails or hills. Shorter runs with your child can allow you to build up together to something epic together!

What do I need?

A standard everyday buggy is not going to cut it, and you’re going to need to invest in a buggy designed for running. They don’t have to cost the earth, and often they can be found on buy and sell marketplace pages such as those on Facebook. There are some styles of buggies at a range of prices listed here but it’s a good thing to discuss with your friends and social media followers too. Running buggies will have three wheels rather than four, with a fixed front wheel to help the buggy to stay stable as you run. There’s also often a brake on the main bar which you can squeeze for a bit of reassurance if you’re travelling down a hill!

Make sure you check out the weight and storage of your buggy, as well as if it folds up if you need to be able to transport it in a car.

It’s a great time to get outdoors together and start exploring!

Do you run with your buggy? What are your top tips?


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