Goals to go and get in 2021

Published 22nd December 2020 by mymo

Phew… what a year! 

At last, 2020 is drawing to a close, and a new year is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to start planning some 2021 sized goals for your running. Here’s a look through some ways to plan a strong and happy new year of running.

Look at what you overcame

It’s very unlikely that unless you planned to change everything on purpose back in March, that you didn’t have to make some significant changes to your running (and your life) this year. Overcoming changes to routine, races being cancelled, adapting to working from home, running solo, not having events to work towards, are all significant things to be proud of. Perhaps without knowing, you will have shown resilience in your running that you probably didn’t know you had. This is a great starting point to look back and be proud. You can transfer that resilience to something new in the new year.

Reframe a rescheduled event

Most runners will have a rescheduled event to work towards in 2021. Many races will also have a new date and a different set of challenges to work through, such as a Spring marathon moving to Autumn. You may have gained or lost fitness throughout the year, or you may have changed focus for an event entirely. Look at what you’d hoped to achieve for a race and reframe it with a new focus. Is there a different goal time you should consider? Are you going to just run for the enjoyment of being ‘back out there’, or run with a friend? 

Set a wellbeing goal

Now more than ever you should be aware that your health and wellbeing comes first! While many runners are driven by results, positions and finish times, consider setting a wellbeing goal. You might set yourself a goal to get an extra two hours of sleep a week, a few weeks without alcohol, or plan weeks where your focus is just to run slower in places you love, with people you have missed in 2020. Running should be there to make you feel good, now more than ever. 

Connect with community

Even if you’re a solo runner, don’t underestimate the power of connecting with your community once in a while. We can’t wait to see the return of parkrun in the new year, so why not plan to tie in some volunteering as part of your 2021 goals? Connection with groups such as parkrun and GoodGym give you the feel good factor that we all need after such a challenging year.

It’s all about process

One of the most powerful things you can do is take your goals away from finish lines. Start 2021 focusing on the process of your running, rather than putting it all on an outcome. Take each day as it comes, and love as much of the process as you can. 

Whatever you plan to do in the next year, just make sure you are doing it in the right running shoes with mymo! 


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