Running Shoe Finder.

Use mymo to measure your gait and help you find your next pair of running shoes
Access to real-time data and the latest running shoes


Uses artificial intelligence to guide you to choosing the correct type of running shoe


Use at home, in the gym,
at the park or the track


Matches shoes to your individual running style 
– ideal for runners of all abilities

Looking to buy your new pair of running shoes? Let mymo help you!

Our affordable, patent-pending wearable technology measures a runner’s gait and uses artificial intelligence to match your running style to the latest shoes on the market.

With mymo, you can do more.

  • Use in the comfort of your own environment

  • Run barefoot to provide the
    most natural measurement
    of your gait

  • Real-time gait data - 
    monitor your gait during
    injury or rehabilitation

More than just a gait assessment

  • Strength & Core and injury prevention exercises

  • Weekly Pilates classes specifically for runners

  • Personal coaching

  • Access to a Sports Therapist

Don’t take our word for it – hear what other’s say about mymo

Film My Run - Stephen Cousins
Here We Are Running - Chris Beale
Kevin Jeffress
Runner and mymo Sports Therapist

"A gait analysis determines how your foot performs during a run. It also helps you to identify what type of shoes you need to wear. Mymo gives you access to real-time data and all the latest running shoes on the market."

Ken Harker
Runner and Coach

"The most important piece of equipment for any runner is your shoes. Wearing the correct type of shoes will minimise the risk of injury. This device guides runners of all abilities to ensure they are buying the correct type of shoes."

Steph Pattinson
Club Runner

"Mymo gives you the freedom to carry out a gait assessment in the comfort of your own environment. It also helps you to make a much more informed decision when buying a new pair of running shoes."

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